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Psychology is the science and study of mental processes and behavior. A psychologist is someone who usually has an advanced degree, a doctorate of Clinical Psychology (PsyD). Doctors of Psychology can work in a wide variety of settings, including universities, laboratories, private practices, clinics, traditional offices, counseling centers and schools.

Dr. Joan Durlacher, Psy. D., a licensed clinical psychologist, is available to treat individuals (adolescents and adults), couples and families. She is in our office one to two times a week and offers evening hours.

Psychotherapy usually takes place in once a week hour long sessions. Dr. Durlacher guides patients through identifying and exploring core concerns and issues. She utilizes the expertise developed in 20 years of practice in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Her style of therapy is respectful, non­judgmental, practical, soothing and solution focused. Collaboratively, Dr. Durlacher helps her patients in creating new, adaptive thoughts and behaviors to enhance their health and quality of life and relationships.


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